Welcome to the IBC-Youth web-site! We are a team of 4 with full time jobs, but with a heart for student ministry in Europe and beyond!

The IBC youth team coordinates, plans and carries out the planning of the youth retreats for the International Baptist Convention (www.ibc-churches.org)

Our vision is to help churches of the IBC minister to students in the unique situation of an international setting. Most of our churches do not have a youth minister, most of the members in our churches are many miles from home in foreign lands. Each of our churches has unique gifts and challenges. In this middle of all of this God still calls students to serve him and calls churches to train up and nuture the youth entrusted to them.

We want to help you help these youth be a part of your church.

The IBC Youth Team is:

  • Jeremy Woods, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Jan Horak, Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Taylor Whitley, Stuttgart, Germany

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