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Posted on: March 7th, 2013 by

OD Duffle BagSome things are so renowned as to be universally known by simply placing “The” in front of its name.

The Alps, The Colosseum, The Superbowl, The Olympics, and The Bag. Stick with me for a moment and I will explain that last item.

As we grow in our ministry many things change. Clothing styles come and go, and the latest electronic device won’t be on top of the shopping list for long. Popular words and phrases seem to change just about the same time I learn what they mean and figure out how to work them into a conversation. Keeping up with the latest trend can be a full time job.

Still, with all the changes, there are some lessons we learn that tend to stay constant and reliable.

One lesson I have learned to capitalize on is that teenagers will pack three sets of headphones and enough junk food to fill the trunk of your car but will inevitably forget their toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, or contact lens solution. This is a seemingly small issue to us, but almost anything can become an “epic fail” in the mind of a teenager and can overshadow your event in a matter of minutes.

I once witnessed a complete meltdown in what would have been a great message. During the worship session, one young man near the back of the room admitted that he dropped his toothbrush in the toilet. Nobody had a spare so his youth minister came to the rescue with a bottle of bleach he found in the dormitory cleaning supplies. By the time the worship session concluded and the speaker took the stage, the room was buzzing about TJ using a toothbrush that had been in the toilet. Our guest speaker was upstaged by a 16 year old boy with gleaming white teeth and the 16 year old girl who snuck a kiss on the way to worship!

That brings me to The Bag.

You can avoid a crisis and be the hero by spending a little time stocking up on inexpensive supplies.

I have a duffle bag, The Bag, which has saved the day on more than one occasion. It is well stocked with travel size items commonly forgotten in the packing process before camp or a lock-in.  It has grown from a simple bag of needed items to a veritable grab bag of goodies and getting to dig through it has become a special treat in our youth group. I must admit I take pleasure in saying, “I have that” when someone says, “I need” or “I wish I had”. There is a partial list of items below to give you some ideas if you too would like to become a keeper of The Bag.

Hair Spray, Mousse, Hair Brush, Scrunchies, Barrettes, Bobby Pins, etc., sewing kit, clothes line & clothes pins, Scissors, Tooth brushes & toothpaste, Mouthwash, Deodorant, Feminine Products, Fingernail Files & Clippers Fingernail repair kit, Nail Polish Remover, Glasses Repair Kit, Make-up Remover, Cuticle Cutters, the little foam things girls put between their toes when they paint their nails and the funny looking pliers they use to curl their eye lashes, disposable razors, Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, Eye Drops, Contact Lens Solution & Holders, Axe Body Spray, Small bottles of Perfume, Make-up Application Stuff, Baby Powder, Hand Sanitizer, Band Aids, and anything else that you can find in the travel size section of your store.

Before we finish talking about things distinguished by the definite article, The, let us not forget why we have answered the call to ministry. We are here to proclaim the message of The Cross where Jesus purchased our salvation. If that message is missed for the price of a toothbrush a soul may be lost.

How could you ever put a price tag on that?